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Aviation and Beyond…

When you think about ARSA, you probably think of the association as the voice of repair stations on aviation policy issues. While aviation policy is our primary focus, did you know that ARSA’s legislative team is also hard at work representing the aviation maintenance industry on other issues that impact your cost of doing business? […]

Directly Involved

Direct involvement in the political process is a must for every business; the smaller the enterprise, the more essential the engagement with local, state, and federal officials. The association engages political figures at the federal level to ensure congressmen and senators recognize, if not understand, the basic challenges associated with aviation safety. An international organization […]

An Open Letter From Aviation Maintenance Industry to New DOT Sec. Foxx

Dear Secretary Foxx: Congratulations on being sworn in as the 17th Secretary of Transportation. I am writing to introduce you to a sector of the economy that is expanding and growing across the country—the aviation maintenance industry. The industry comprises companies that hold repair station certificates issued by the FAA under part 145 of the […]

What Does the Royal Baby Have to Do with Aviation Maintenance?

Nothing, of course! Isn’t it frustrating when people make false assumptions and illogical conclusions? There are still some who believe contract maintenance’s superb safety record is anything but. Of course, we know different. As we’ve told congressional panels, regulators, and the media, good safety is good business. Moreover, the same safety rules, standards, and regulations […]

What’s at Stake for ARSA Members in the Farm Bill? More Than Just the Price of Steak

If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in D.C., you might have heard there’s a Farm Bill moving through

Media: Stop Rushing to Judgment!

Much like everyone else, you fear the worst when you see the email or the story on TV about a plane crash. How bad is it? How many died? The usual assortment of worst case scenarios seems to always pop foremost

It’s Just Ugly, Folks

There is nothing pretty or easy about a political process that directly impacts regulations. The Office of Management and Budget, charged with making sure federal rules don’t cost too much money, usually reviews rules within a ninety-day period. Of course, in the case of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) repair station rule, the deadline has […]

New Gallup Poll is Bad News for Congress, but Good News for Us

The results of a recent Gallup poll reinforce what ARSA’s been saying for a long time: Small business owners are highly credible messengers.

The Big 5-0

A June 16 Wall Street Journal article brings some exciting news: the Affordable Care Act is igniting a small boom in jobs! Unfortunately, those jobs are going to lawyers – lawyers who specialize in regulatory compliance, Medicare, and insurance.

Creating Jobs Throughout the World

When I tell lawmakers and staffers on Capitol Hill about the aviation maintenance industry, most don’t even realize you’re out there.