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Directly Involved

Direct involvement in the political process is a must for every business; the smaller the enterprise, the more essential the engagement with local, state, and federal officials. The association engages political figures at the federal level to ensure congressmen and senators recognize, if not understand, the basic challenges associated with aviation safety. An international organization […]

It’s Just Ugly, Folks

There is nothing pretty or easy about a political process that directly impacts regulations. The Office of Management and Budget, charged with making sure federal rules don’t cost too much money, usually reviews rules within a ninety-day period. Of course, in the case of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) repair station rule, the deadline has […]

Into Tomorrow

I was honored to be the keynote international speaker during the first Aviation MRO Indonesia event in Jakarta. Many questioned spending forty hours in transit to attend

Building a Legacy

A company cannot survive very long without employees; the investment to ensure a viable workforce cannot be avoided.

Welcome to ARSA’s New Blog

So, ARSA is blogging – for anyone that doubts the association is by and for the membership; this is one more example of how open it is to commentary from all directions. Blogs can be cumbersome and time consuming – we pledge this one will deliver knowledgeable exchanges with honest messaging. Indeed, the association will […]

Tick Tock

February 2013 - As the government counts down to sequestration, the Association is working feverously to finalize details for its Annual Legislative Day and Repair Symposium. Unlike our elected officials, ARSA has run successful gatherings since its inception. The annual event has traditions—a legislative day for members to meet lawmakers, opening segments with educational exchanges […]

Staying A Step Ahead

January 2013 - As the aviation industry faces another year, open items haunt the annals of federal regulation. At record speed, the FAA issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on the relationship between an “air carrier” and its maintenance providers. The comment period for this rule ends Feb.11, but this debacle began with legislative […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

December 2012 - The Association’s capability to influence legislation as well as regulation depends upon its knowledge and ability to provide balance between the demands of government and industry. That means taking positions based upon law, logic and practical knowledge that may be unpopular with certain segments of the membership. In January 2012, such a […]

Modernize and Minimize

November 2012 - In times of uncertainty limiting unnecessary actions or reactions is essential to survival. Unfortunately, government survival seems to depend upon creating bureaucracy. The Association provided substantive comments to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) on part 145. The most disheartening aspect of responding to the proposal was the […]

Turn It Up

October 2012 - The end of the election year approaches—are you tuning out or turning up your political and industry involvement? The Association turned up its international presence by conducting its Strategic Leadership Conference and Annual Board of Directors meeting in Hamburg, Germany. The events coincided with Lufthansa Technics’ (LHT) 50-year celebration of holding an […]