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An Open Letter From Aviation Maintenance Industry to New DOT Sec. Foxx

Dear Secretary Foxx: Congratulations on being sworn in as the 17th Secretary of Transportation. I am writing to introduce

What Does the Royal Baby Have to Do with Aviation Maintenance?

Nothing, of course! Isn’t it frustrating when people make false assumptions and illogical conclusions? There are still some who believe contract maintenance’s superb safety

What’s at Stake for ARSA Members in the Farm Bill? More Than Just the Price of Steak

If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in D.C., you might have heard there’s a Farm Bill moving through

Media: Stop Rushing to Judgment!

Much like everyone else, you fear the worst when you see the email or the story on TV about a plane crash. How bad is it? How many died? The usual assortment of worst case scenarios seems to always pop foremost