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The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing

In case you missed it, earlier this week, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finally issued the repair station security regulations over a decade after Congress first mandated the rules. While the regulation was a solution in search of problem, the negative impact of the congressionally imposed ban on FAA foreign repair stations necessitated the association […]

A Christmas Miracle?

As 2013 comes to a rapid close, I have a strange feeling coming upon me. Something overly and unpleasantly familiar. Almost like déjà vu. It must be my yearly December rant about the repair station security rules (or lack thereof). Throughout the year, ARSA heard from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that the rules would […]

If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu

ARSA has long stressed that the aviation maintenance industry must be engaged in Washington, in both the legislative and regulatory arenas. If you aren’t part of the decision making process, you will likely get left out or even get served on the menu. Recently, there was a situation where repair stations weren’t at the table; […]

FAA Again Ignored Small Business Concerns

Mark Twain used to say, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” In other words, things may not happen exactly as before, but similar occurrences from the past reappear in the present. On Aug. 12, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proved Twain right when it issued a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for an […]

Aviation and Beyond…

When you think about ARSA, you probably think of the association as the voice of repair stations on aviation policy issues. While aviation policy is our primary focus, did you know that ARSA’s legislative team is also hard at work representing the aviation maintenance industry on other issues that impact your cost of doing business? […]

An Open Letter From Aviation Maintenance Industry to New DOT Sec. Foxx

Dear Secretary Foxx: Congratulations on being sworn in as the 17th Secretary of Transportation. I am writing to introduce

Creating Jobs Throughout the World

When I tell lawmakers and staffers on Capitol Hill about the aviation maintenance industry, most don’t even realize you’re out there.

Back to the Basics

As baseball season heats up across the country, DC is abuzz with scandals. We have a Justice Department spying on reporters, allegations of a cover up in Benghazi, and an IRS targeting conservative groups.

DOT OIG Report: More of the Same

There were certainly no surprises in what the DOT Office of Inspector General (OIG) stated in its much anticipated (and long overdue) audit of FAA’s oversight of repair stations.

Obama’s Budget Proposal Is Déjà vu for Aviation

It’s been awhile since the president’s budget proposals have been taken seriously.