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Obama’s Budget Proposal Is Déjà vu for Aviation

DF-Web It’s been awhile since the president’s budget proposals have been taken seriously. Partially, it’s because most in Washington generally don’t truly take the concept of budgeting seriously. Additionally, the budget submissions tend to be riddled with recycled partisan ideas and political gimmicks. On this point, Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame.

However, the Obama administration has taken the recycling and gimmickry concept to new levels by once again pushing increased depreciation recovery periods for general aviation airplanes and a $100 per flight surcharge. ARSA, the broader aviation industry, and lawmakers have strongly opposed altering the depreciation schedules for general aviation aircraft purchases. Similarly, user fees have been widely disparaged by lawmakers and the aviation industry.

Both initiatives will be detrimental to general aviation. The president and his Hill allies view general aviation as a corporate perk or toys for the “one percent.” Those of us involved with the industry know this is far from truth. General aviation supports countless jobs and contributes significant activity to local communities throughout the country.

The administration’s ideas show a fundamental misunderstanding about how jobs are created and economic growth is achieved. Lifting the ban on foreign repair station certifications, tax policies that create an environment conducive for business risk-taking and investment, and reducing the regulatory burden for businesses would be significant steps in the right direction.

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April 17th, 2013




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