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Daniel FisherWhen you think about ARSA, you probably think of the association as the voice of repair stations on aviation policy issues. While aviation policy is our primary focus, did you know that ARSA’s legislative team is also hard at work representing the aviation maintenance industry on other issues that impact your cost of doing business?

The hot topic on Capitol Hill right now is tax reform. In April, ARSA submitted comments to the House Ways & Means Committee’s Small Business Tax Reform Working Group urging lawmakers to create a simpler tax code with greater tax certainty. News organizations outside the aviation trade press covered the association’s comments.

Additionally, ARSA is represented at monthly Family Business Coalition meetings, an alliance of organizations committed to federal estate tax repeal and other small business tax issues. The association has also been active with a coalition of industry groups representing S corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships to urge lawmakers to reform both the individual and corporate tax codes.

Tax reform isn’t the only issue that ARSA is engaged on that impacts your cost of doing business. The association has been working with our Capitol Hill and industry allies advocating for fair and pragmatic labor policy that protects the rights of employees and employers. ARSA also engaged policymakers in opposition to proposals that would severely restrict government employee attendance at meetings and conferences hosted by associations. Finally, regulatory reform has long-been a top priority, particularly strengthening small business protections under the Regulatory Flexibility Act to hold regulators accountable for ensuring rules are narrowly tailored, supported by strong evidence, and impose the lowest possible burden.

ARSA isn’t just an aviation policy-focused association; it’s a staunch defender of free markets, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. What’s increasing your cost of doing business and preventing your company from growing?

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August 6th, 2013




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