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What Does the Royal Baby Have to Do with Aviation Maintenance?

JP-Pic Nothing, of course!

Isn’t it frustrating when people make false assumptions and illogical conclusions? There are still some who believe contract maintenance’s superb safety record is anything but. Of course, we know different. As we’ve told congressional panels, regulators, and the media, good safety is good business. Moreover, the same safety rules, standards, and regulations apply to FAA-certificated maintenance work wherever it is performed.

In the coming days, ARSA is launching, a new website to ensure lawmakers, regulators, and the public have a definitive source of information on aviation maintenance. will house industry economic data, an explanation of the MRO industry, information about the workforce, and the latest industry news.

The next time someone from the media asks for background on the industry or you hear a detractor make wild accusations about maintenance, you’ll know where to politely direct them. Keep an eye on for the formal roll-out of

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July 24th, 2013




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