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SM-WebOctober 2012 - The end of the election year approaches—are you tuning out or turning up your political and industry involvement?

The Association turned up its international presence by conducting its Strategic Leadership Conference and Annual Board of Directors meeting in Hamburg, Germany. The events coincided with Lufthansa Technics’ (LHT) 50-year celebration of holding an FAA part 145 repair station certificate. The achievements of the world-renowned repair station placed a spotlight on local and international influence. LHT provides financial and practical support to Hamburg and local institutions of higher learning in exchange for continuous human capital and international reach. Those efforts are enhanced by Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements and contracts that span the globe. Invitees were able to discuss local, national, and international issues with the U.S. Ambassador to Germany Philip D. Murphy; airline pilot, rock legend, and aviation entrepreneur Bruce Dickinson; and Lufthansa Technics’ CEO August Wilhelm Henningsen.

The SLC’s focus on effective media relations and responsiveness highlighted ARSA’s efforts to educate and moderate general media coverage of aviation events. (see the Association’s press release on the investigatory process here). The impact of the Positive Publicity Campaign cannot be understated or estimated; that effort is turned up to address the pending release of the DOT Office of Inspector General report on oversight of maintenance by the FAA. Turn up your participation by contributing to your industry’s success.

The Association is turning it up to address the pending notice of proposed rulemaking on part 145 by participating in a Small Business Administration-sponsored roundtable, which includes representatives from the DOT and FAA. ARSA anticipates submitting over one hundred pages of comments, explaining why an action or inaction is appropriate or inappropriate and offering alternative language or solutions to those proposed by the agency.

ARSA members are encouraged to participate in the elective process on all levels; it is important that all Americans exercise this important right, privilege, and responsibility. Even when choices seem to be between the devil and the deep-blue sea, one must buckle down and participate in the democratic process. (“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.” Sir Winston Churchill (1947).

The Association’s Annual Symposium is being turned up and turned on; survey participants have influenced the agenda; it will include workshops on major versus minor decision-making and obtaining instructions for continued airworthiness. Give your support of this important quality event; sponsorships are available and worth your while.

Tuning out is for a past generation, turn it up for the future.

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October 1st, 2012




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