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SM-WebAugust 2012 - Every job has good and bad days. I have opined for years that nobody calls the Association when they are having a good day. Many calls are generated by adverse queries or reactions from a representative of the FAA or other government agency. Recently more calls are coming because of congressional actions or inaction and negative media coverage.

Helping people sort out regulatory compliance issues has always been part of our daily job; the people can be government representatives or from a member company. It takes hard, grinding work and determination to reach the nut of an issue and affect a resolution. The Association seeks industry-wide solutions, which take longer to crack and solve. These efforts are supported by the income from membership dues, training, and our annual Symposium; additional membership contributions support the legislative efforts and successes.

However, the Positive Publicity Campaign is above and beyond the monies collected from the “normal” sources as is sponsorship for the annual Symposium. We do not ask for “extra” financial support for unnecessary endeavors; these efforts are essential to the well-being and vitality of the aviation industry. For example, the forces against reasonable and prompt application of governmental mandates are evidenced by reaction of the president of the U.S. trade union the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Department to a letter urging the Secretary of the Transportation Security Administration to keep the promise to issue final repair station security regulations by the end of the year.

Even though the letter was signed by a strong contingency of multiple interests, it is ARSA that is “against” adequate security measures. Is the maintenance industry going to continue to be the weakest link or will it support efforts to ensure positive media input through the work of this trade association?

There are plenty of negative stories about aviation maintenance that are inconsistent with good safe, security business practices, let alone good industry or government policies. The international aspect of our industry makes it even more important that ARSA become a stronger spokesman for the maintenance provider. We are dedicated and determined to take on the negative forces, we do it for you—please add the Association’s special funds to your yearly budget so we may do more.

To support ARSA’s Positive Publicity Campaign and combat efforts to paint the industry in a negative light, please click here or contact Jason Langford.

To help ensure the success of the 2013 Legislative Day and Annual Repair Symposium, contact Keith Mendenhall or visit here.

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August 1st, 2012




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