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So, ARSA is blogging – for anyone that doubts the association is by and for the membership; this is one more example of how open it is to commentary from all directions. Blogs can be cumbersome and time consuming – we pledge this one will deliver knowledgeable exchanges with honest messaging. Indeed, the association will ensure the content remains relevant, so, yes, we will remove content that does not further the education, knowledge, skills or policy of the aviation maintenance industry.

To start the discussion, I welcome feedback on topics that need knowledge to resolve. For example, most aviation businesses hold certificates issued by civil aviation authorities of various governments yet do not have a regulatory compliance office similar to those organized for Occupational Safety and Health Administrations or Environmental Protection Agency or even tax regulations. Rather than ensuring the entire company mitigates non-compliant risk uniformly, enterprises with multiple locations in various countries allow the local management “satisfy” the agencies’ requests. Maybe this is one of the reasons local inspector preference can cost small, medium and large companies so much money from “non-standardization.”

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April 4th, 2013




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