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Repair Station Security Rule: 7 Days & Counting

As ARSA Vice President of Legislative Affairs Daniel Fisher blogged in early April, the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) final repair station security rule is

Into Tomorrow

I was honored to be the keynote international speaker during the first Aviation MRO Indonesia event in Jakarta. Many questioned spending forty hours in transit to attend

Back to the Basics

As baseball season heats up across the country, DC is abuzz with scandals. We have a Justice Department spying on reporters, allegations of a cover up in Benghazi, and an IRS targeting conservative groups.

So What Are Our Tax Dollars Being Spent On?

As I was pondering what to write for this week’s ARSA Blog, I read through our reports on the federal government’s recent activities on and

DOT OIG Report: More of the Same

There were certainly no surprises in what the DOT Office of Inspector General (OIG) stated in its much anticipated (and long overdue) audit of FAA’s oversight of repair stations.

Building a Legacy

A company cannot survive very long without employees; the investment to ensure a viable workforce cannot be avoided.

Write Congress About the Importance of the Aviation Maintenance Industry

As ARSA members are aware, the association recently announced a new report that provides a comprehensive economic review of

Obama’s Budget Proposal Is Déjà vu for Aviation

It’s been awhile since the president’s budget proposals have been taken seriously.

To See Is to Believe

On March 15, during testimony before the House Transportation Security Subcommittee, TSA Administrator John Pistole confirmed to the world what many of us have heard for a few months: the final repair station security rule is being reviewed by the Office of Management & Budget (OMB). To many, this was a positive development.  Will TSA […]

Welcome to ARSA’s New Blog

So, ARSA is blogging – for anyone that doubts the association is by and for the membership; this is one more example of how open it is to commentary from all directions. Blogs can be cumbersome and time consuming – we pledge this one will deliver knowledgeable exchanges with honest messaging. Indeed, the association will […]